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Ultra Hi-Float Balloon Treatment

Ultra Hi-Float Balloon Treatment
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Product Description

Keep the Fun Going by adding Ultra Hi-Float Balloon Treatment to your latex balloons for just an additional $0.65 per balloon!

What is ULTRA HI-FLOAT? It’s a patented liquid solution that dries inside latex helium-filled balloons to form a coating that helps hold in the helium. A single squirt inside the balloon keeps it floating longer – up to 25 times longer!**

Safe, nontoxic and biodegradable, HI-FLOAT is trusted by professional party planners and do-it-yourselfers alike.

Best of all, HI-FLOAT is convenient and easy to use. In fact, you can inflate your balloons a day before the party so that you can concentrate on other preparations. No more last-minute decorating!

So do yourself a party favor – get HI-FLOAT today and keep your balloons floating longer!

Weather and humidity are two important conditions to consider. In low-humidity weather (such as winter), float life will be longest. Typically, treated balloons float only one-fourth as long in summer as they do in winter because of higher heat and humidity.

Since you can’t control the weather, here are a few other suggestions for getting the longest float life possible with HI-FLOAT:

Keep balloons indoors, in a climate-controlled location. In hot weather, keep the balloons in an air-conditioned location so they can dry quickly. In cold weather, keep the balloons in a heated location. Float time data is for indoor, climate-controlled conditions.

In rainy weather, run the heater or air conditioner when inflating HI-FLOAT-treated balloons. High humidity can interfere with the drying time of balloons and will dramatically reduce a balloon’s float life. A room dehumidifier will also help avoid this problem.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Remember that float times for pearlized and metallic balloons are about a third less than for regular colored balloons. If you need the maximum float life, don’t use pearlized or metallic colors. Also, heart-shaped, Qualatex Geo Blossom® and Qualatex Geo Donut® balloons float for much less time than regular balloons.